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Backwaters & beaches of India.

The celebrated backwaters of Kerala comprise one of South India’s most picturesque rural areas, an idyllic network of rivers and Canals in a luxuriant coastal terrain. Originally created by 45 rivers, which flow down from the Western Ghats to the coats, the region is characterized by lush coconut groves and paddy fields.
It is known as Kuttanad – “the land of the short people”, a reference perhaps, to the sight of the men and women-working knee deep in paddy fields. For centuries, the waterways provided an efficient, peaceful transport system, for the local farmers and inhabitants. Foreign invaders, too, appreciated their importance as trade and communication arteries, and built a number of settlements along the riverbanks.
Today, coconuts and peppers are still carried in country boats, newspapers are delivered by skiff, and children go to school by ferry.
The scene is idyllic and the mood dreamlike. Life on the backwaters is quite distinct from the rest of India, beating to its own gentle rhythm. The banks are lined with cashew trees, hibiscus and modest thatched cottages.


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